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Please note, I have stopped collecting Zemstvo stamps, these pages therefore will not be updated anymore.

Zemstvo's, what are they?

Many collectors have heard about them but do not know what kind of stamps they are. The goal of these Pages is therefor the promote the collecting of the Zemstvo stamps.

You might ask, why I am doing this as it takes a lot of time to create and maintain the following Pages. I am member of many Philatelic Association and see that the average age of the collectors is getting higher and higher. These areas are not very popular in the normal associations where mostly the countries are discussed and collected in which the association is located. On the other hands, many young collectors are hooked up to the Internet and can find here a place where to get information’s, ideas about other countries to collect and much more. Even discussion forums can be found where certain related topics are discussed specifically.

If I can encourage only one collector to start collecting Russian Zemstvo stamps I will very happy and proud...

Click here to see what the American Philatelic Society has to say about my Zemstvo pages. (That page will be opened in a new browser Window...)

These pages are divided in following categories:

Introduction Zemstvo's, what are they, the answer I try to give here...
Articles Some selected articles about the Zemstvo Philately in common
Literature Some selected Literature references, essential for Zemstvo Collectors
Gallery Zemstvo Picture gallery, showing some selected stamps of various districts
Organizations Some Philatelic Organizations, dealing with Zemstvo Stamps
What is that Items which need to be identified. Your help is welcomed.
ID-Guide A On-Line Guide to identify/classify Zemstvo Stamps. (Still under heavy construction... your hints / help / recommendation  is highly appreciated.
Stamp Album Everything you need to prepare your very own Album pages for Zemstvo Stamps

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