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The Overland Mail Baghdad-Haifa is a relatively little known part of the middle east postal history, formed after the 1st world war by two young New Zealanders (Captain Norman Nairn and Driver-Mechanic Mr. Gerald Nairn) who had served with the Royal Army Corps

These Pages try to explain primarily the postal history aspect of this company, however, for a good measure also historical facts and background information's like company pamphlets and other miscellaneous items are shown.

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This picture gives you an idea how adventurous the travel thru the desert has been.
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HELP REQUIRED / REQUESTED (Updated 6 July 2014) Whereabouts of known items (Updated 16 July 2017)
Norman Collins Archive, REQUEST FOR HELP TO IDENTIY ITEMS!  (Updated 20 APRIL 2017)  

Whats new!

  • January 12, 2018.  I just have learned about the apparent existence of surcharges issue by the Czechoslovakian Post. Stay tuned for detailed information.

  • January 10, 2018. Another cover with apparently similar handstamps as HS-N15 (1) & HS-N16 (1) from Iraq (22 July 1924) to Italy (arrival postmark reverse (16 August 1924) added. That cover is not (yet) in my hands, hence the size of the handstamps HS-N15 (2) and HS-N16 (2) can not be verified. I believe that cover was not sent by the Overland Mail as during that time the rate would be been 9 Anna for a registered cover sent with the Overland Mail. Also the transit time of almost 4 weeks supports this. But, where the Overland Mail / Motor Mail Markings have been applied?

  • January 3, 2018. Regulations from Swiss Post pertaining the Overland Mail Surcharges as of 25 July 1925 (2nd surcharge period) added. Also a cover from that surcharge period added.

  • December 30, 2017. A initial draft of my planned new classification of Route Instructions has been uploaded here. (PDF Format, 1 MB). Comments are welcomed.

  • December 30, 2017. Cover with Route Instruction Handstamp HS-55 (2) used on cover from Iraq to London, UK, has been measured and details added.

  • December 28, 2017. Previously unrecorded Route Instruction Handstamp, now listed as HS-N53 used on cover from Egypt, have been added.

  • November 10, 2017, Additional copies of Route Instruction Handstamps HS-21 (3) and HS-76 (4) and Publicity Handstamp PH-3 (2) added.

  • November 4, 2017, the last Post Office Circulars from British Post pertaining the Overland Mail Baghdad-Haifa have been added. This relates to the Circulars dated 17 November 1926, 9 March 1927, 11 May 1927 (Also that Circular contains the reference to Label L-10, Post Office Label P.696), 22 June 1927, 13 March 1929 (That Circular informs that Iraqi Post has abolished the Overland Mail surcharges), 24 April 1929 and 28 August 1929 which informs about the abolishment of the Overland Mail surcharges by British Post.

  • November 3, 2017, Post Office Circulars from British Post dated 29 April 1925, 27 October 1926 and 10 November 1926 (That Circular contains the reference to Label L-10, Post Office Label P.696 issued by British Post and clarified the date when this label has been issued) pertaining Overland Mail Haifa-Baghdad continued to add. Will be continued...

  • November 2, 2017, Post Office Circulars from British Post dated 21 November 1923, 5 March 1924, 2 April 1924, 18 June 1924, pertaining Overland Mail Haifa-Baghdad started to add. Will be continued...

  • October 31, 2017. Overland Mail Surcharges from British Post detailed. Will be continued...

  • August 7, 2017. Imprinted Envelope of Type IE-48 (2) in a new subtype discovered. That envelope has a larger size than the normal Imprinted Envelope IE-48 (1).

  • July 26, 2017. Previously not recorded Route Instruction Handstamp on a cover in the collection of the late Zvi Alexander, now listed as HS-N52. That Handstamp is Bi-Linguial (Arabic/English) and the English part has a nice misspelling OVRELAND instead of OVERLAND.

  • July 25, 2017. Cover from the Archive of Norman Collins with a previously unrecorded Route Instruction Handstamp, now recorded as HS-N51, sent on 21 January 1934 from Iran to England added. A color copy is appreciated from the current owner.

  • July 21, 2017. High resolution scan of covers with Receiving Handstamp RH-1 (3) and RH-1 (4) added.

  • July 16, 2017. Whereabouts of a Overland Mail cover from German Empire to Iraq solved.

  • July 14, 2017. New discovered Handstamp HS-N50 on cover from Feluja (Falluja) added.
    Additional cover with Rerouting and Receiving Handstamps RRH-1 (2) added.

  • July 13, 2017 Cover from UK to Baghdad, dated 22 November 1923 from the first Overland Mail acceptance of Overland Mail from UK to Iraq. The only such cover known.

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